Features of tea grinder

Publish Time: 2023-05-29
1. The dryer adopts low temperature, strengthens the circulation wind, strong moisture drainage for withering can ensure bright color, good tea rehydration, small color difference between positive and negative color, commodity grade, average price and economic benefits increase, the equipment has a high degree of automation, does not need special supervision, ginger withering process is all controlled by microcomputer to complete the equipment operation is simple and convenient: customers only need to press a start, the equipment according to the set baking parameters or baking curve, fully automatic control of the temperature in the grinding space, humidity, until the end of baking, and send out a prompt tone. Greatly reduce the user's labor intensity.

2. Jin'aoyuan air energy tea withering machine supporting accurate temperature, humidity tester, the use of accurate temperature, relative humidity control system, so that white tea, Pu'er tea bricks, black tea and other non-deformation, do not change color, good appearance, internal nutritional value and medicinal value does not lose, accurate moisture content can better ensure that the quality of the product to meet the standard. Has a complete set, for different product processes, is conducive to users to get the equipment can dry out high-quality products, to help users win economic benefits in a short period of time.

3. Air energy tea withering machine adopts fully enclosed structure, hot air box circulation, energy saving and high efficiency. The built-in high-temperature circulation fan is adopted, which greatly reduces heat loss and strengthens the heat transfer. The drying room can be equipped with an adjustable air sharing plate, which can adjust the opening degree up and down, so that the temperature in the box is uniform. The insulation layer is 100mm thick and the material is polyurethane sheet. The drying pan is an industry standard, and the baking pan mesh pan is suitable for many industries and has strong interchangeability. Automatic constant temperature control, working time timing, mechanized production, batch product quality is stable. The library board can be made of 304 stainless steel according to customer requirements, which meets the national demand for food hygiene.

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