Air energy fruit and vegetable dryer has integrated machine and split machine, what is the difference between them

Publish Time: 2022-12-30
In the current field of fruit and vegetable dryers, most of them use heating for drying, and it is also common to use air energy heat pumps for heating. Air energy heat pumps are divided into integrated and split types.
The all-in-one air heat pump fruit and vegetable dryer uses an air energy heat pump to heat the air and then dry the items, eliminating the pollution of waste gas and waste residue caused by combustion, and the drying object will not be changed due to changes in the external medium. The texture of dry items is more natural, green and environmentally friendly, and the working environment is comfortable and good. Moreover, the integrated fruit and vegetable dryer occupies a small area and is easy to install. Find a flat ground and plug it in and use it. However, the integrated heat pump fruit and vegetable dryer needs to discharge the moisture through the moisture exhaust port, and the hot air will also be discharged. It is necessary to use the equipment to recover the hot air and use the waste heat in the hot air, which will still cause the waste heat loss in the hot air, and cannot concentrate the moisture for recycling. ,a waste of resource.
The moist and hot air in the drying room of the split heat pump fruit and vegetable dryer passes through the filter holes, and the moisture in the moist and hot air is absorbed by the cotton filter element, and flows into the water tank from the water inlet under the action of gravity for storage and standby, and can collect distilled water for standby and prevent drainage. Expels hot air when wet, saving energy. The air energy heat pump unit of the split heat pump fruit and vegetable dryer is placed separately from the drying room, and the heat pump outdoor unit can be placed at will to adapt to more venues. However, the installation involves the assembly of the drying room, which will be more troublesome.
To sum up, the integrated and split air energy heat pump fruit and vegetable dryers have their own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a model, it should be determined according to your own needs.

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