The principle of the wood oven

Publish Time: 2023-05-15
A log cabin is a traditional Finnish sauna, usually made of wood such as red pine, birch, pine or spruce, which has good thermal insulation properties and a long service life. The following are general techniques for a wood-fired barn:

Material selection: Select high-quality wood for production to ensure the quality and service life of the wooden barn.

Fabrication structure: The wooden barn is usually spliced by two or three layers of wood to form a closed space. It is recommended to add insulation between the planks to improve the thermal performance of the wood barn.

Install a chimney: A wood barn needs a chimney to vent smoke and steam and ensure air circulation. A chimney needs to be installed on top of the wood barn to ensure safe and efficient exhaust.

Installing the sauna stove: The sauna stove is the core equipment of the wood-fired barn, and it needs to be installed and adjusted correctly according to the manufacturer's instructions. The stove must be installed next to the chimney to ensure smooth exhaust from the chimney.

Treating wood: Before installing and using a wooden barn, it is necessary to treat the wood to prolong its service life. It is recommended to apply suitable preservatives and water repellents to the wood surface.

In short, a wood barn requires high-quality wood and the correct manufacturing method, as well as attention to the installation and maintenance of the chimney and sauna stove. With proper use and maintenance, a wood barn can provide users with a pleasant and healthy sauna experience.

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