Take you to know the wood dryer

Publish Time: 2023-01-25

1. The wood dryer is mainly composed of heat source part, feeder, drying part, cyclone separator and fan.

2. The dryer uses the environment to heat the air through the power generated by electricity, combustion or diesel power; The hot air is transmitted to the inside of the dryer to contact with wet materials.

3. The heat energy transmits the high-temperature hot air to the drying room for wood drying through the control system and transmission system through the function of the circulating fan.

4. The steam generating device on the equipment can produce a large amount of atmospheric pressure steam. According to the requirements of drying process, the steam can be sent into the drying room at the right time, and the wood can be sprayed with steam and humidified to achieve the purpose of drying the wood inside and outside at the same time, to avoid internal cracks, end cracks, deformation and other defects in the drying process.

5. The equipment is equipped with fans, heat circulation and heat dissipation to ensure the quality and safety of work.

Since the emergence of wood drying industry, the problem of wood drying discoloration has always existed. Especially, drying discoloration is not conducive to the beautiful color of wood, which will reduce the quality of wood and affect the economic value of products. Vacuum drying can solve the problem of wood discoloration and even maintain the natural color of wood. This is closely related to the characteristics of low temperature, high speed and low pressure of vacuum drying. Many studies have shown that drying temperature and drying time are important factors affecting wood discoloration. Under the action of heat, some wood materials will also react with oxygen in the air, resulting in oxidation and discoloration. In vacuum drying, the drying temperature is lower, which is equivalent to the low temperature drying of conventional drying. The drying time is only 10%~20% of the conventional drying time, and oxygen is scarce in the drying medium under low pressure. These characteristics of vacuum drying greatly inhibit the discoloration of wood.


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